Twin Newborn Photography - My newest favourite thing!

I don't usually compare babies and buses but it seems appropriate in this instance...I photographed my first baby in the cabin in January and it only took a few months for not one, but two sets of twins to come along - in the same week!

I was so fortunate that the first set of twins to photograph were in the family, so we packed up most of the studio and headed up to Middlesbrough to set up at the parents' home. It was just the best experience and the girls were so good. I loved every minute and would would really like to specialise in twin newborn photography as the studio grows.

Twin Newborn Photographer Lincolnshire

I absolutely adore the interaction between newborn twins, they instinctively reach for each other and settle so much better together than when they are parted. I like to look for individual elements to help tell them apart too, which is all part of me getting to know the babies and trying to read their cues to ensure a much more relaxed session, for me, Mum, Dad and most importantly - the babies.

Twins Newborn Photographer Lincoln

I do believe that it is important to treat the babies as individuals also, giving them their own time for an individual newborn photography session too. A lot of the time, the twins are on different schedules when it comes to feeding, sleepiness, changing, burping and soothing, so rather than rush the session I take advantage of this and spend some time with each baby on their own. I love to capture their different little features and quirks, it does always feel a little odd photographing them without their sibling though, I'm sure they feel the same!

Newborn Photographer Lincoln
Newborn Photography Lincoln

Just a few days after photographing these gorgeous (non-identical) twin girls, I had the pleasure of welcoming identical twin boys for their twin newborn photography shoot in Lincoln. The girls were just two weeks old so slept for more than half of the session, whereas the boys were a bit older at 6 weeks old so slept for decidedly less but it was lovely to photograph them awake as well as settled into a lovely sleep with each other - there's that newborn twin bond again...I love it! 

Newborn Twin Photographer Lincolnshire

Any client of mine that has visited The Cabin for a newborn photography session will tell you I am obsessive about flat hands and straight fingers, in fact that is probably why my sessions last a bit longer as it just looks so beautiful, especially when baby is sleeping, to be able to see all of their gorgeous fingers and nails, rather than a balled up fist. This obsession reached its peak with both sets of twins as not only did I want lovely hands and fingers, I wanted them together...

Twins Newborn Photography Lincolnshire
Twin Newborn Photographer Lincolnshire

I truly adore newborn babies, and didn't think I could love them any more than I do, but then add two into the mix and it is double the love fest! It makes me really excited for the future too - seeing them again for their milestone sitter session photographs and again for their first birthday cake smash, I just can't wait to watch these little ones grow and really hope for more twin newborn photography sessions in The Cabin very soon!

Just look at their little toesies!

Newborn Twin Photographer Lincoln

I am quite a traditional pink for girls, blue for boys kinda photographer, but I have been known to put little girls in blues - especially navy which looks gorgeous on girls. I will also discuss with Mum and Dad the colours they would like to use in the session as it is so important for the images to have longevity and for them to coordinate with the home so they can have pride of place on the walls.

I love wrapping them up all snuggly, clearly this little boy agrees!

Newborn Twins Photography Lincoln
Twin Newborn Photography Lincoln

I am already picturing the boys future embarrassment when Mum has this image of one sneezing and one surprised framed and on show for everyone that comes to visit!

I still remember the emotions of holding our little babies in our arms, so tiny and new, so to be holding two I think hearts were lucky am I to be able to capture this incredible time?!

Twins Newborn Photographer Lincolnshire
Twin Newborn Photography Lincolnshire

Lastly, although they aren't twins, I first had an inkling that I would just love to photograph twins when, before I had even opened my studio, I placed my newborn soon next to my best friend's son (three weeks between them) and they instinctively turned their heads towards each other. Best friends for life :)