Maternity Session FAQs


Maternity sessions are a celebration of this special time in your life featuring a combination of glamorous, fine-art styled photos with beautiful custom-made gowns alongside relaxed image in your favourite outfit or with a special teddy, baby scan or booties.

Please see the full maternity session information here for details and photos from my sessions.

when should i book my MATERNITY session?

I recommend booking your maternity photography session when you have had your 20 week scan so we can schedule a date based on your due date.

when will my session take place?

I feel the ideal time for your session is around 2-4 weeks before your due date, depending on how you are feeling, and how many babies you are expecting. 

do we need to bring anything?

I have a selection of beautiful gowns for you to choose from, however I love to incorporate a relaxed element too so please bring your scan photo, a sentimental teddy (perhaps in traditional blue or pink for your baby) or some cute booties to add a really personal element to your session as well.

how long does a session last?

Sessions last between 1 and 2 hours, we do a few poses in each two of my beautiful gowns followed by further images using your relaxed clothing and sentimental items. I also ask ladies to bring a black polo neck jumper to wear with black knickers as this creates a really lovely look to the photos.


This is entirely up to you. I think it's lovely to show your bump off if you feel confident in doing so (I can offer editing of anything you aren't happy with) and if you wish to celebrate your pregnant body and show off even more we have a lovely secluded studio where your privacy and dignity will be maintained throughout the session. We can discuss this before your session and on the day too depending how brave you feel!

can i take my own photos?

If you have someone with you, they are welcome to take a couple of behind the scenes photos of me photographing you during your session to remember this special time, however these shouldn't be close ups as these are the images you have paid me to take and a phone photo will not do them justice!

Please do not take any photos of any other elements within The Cabin, both for privacy reasons but more so as seeing the cabin for the first time is all part of the experience of booking a session with Mama Bear Photography, so we like to keep some details a nice surprise for future clients. 

can my partner and other children be included in the photos?

Yes! I love involving siblings and partners in the photos! The Cabin is only a small space, so we can discuss your individual situation upon booking as it may be preferable to have someone bring your other children towards the end, or at the beginning, of the session to ensure you can relax and enjoy having a bit of time focusing on your bump.

The camera on my phone is really good, why should i hire a professional?

Professional maternity photography is a fantastic way to celebrate a pregnancy and can often be overlooked. I myself took photos of my bump on my phone most days throughout both of my pregnancies which is so nice to look back on but I wish I had some really beautiful, glamorous images of myself, as well as those more relaxed, sentimental images to remember this amazing time. A camera phone is great for every day moments, but they cannot replace quality, beautifully crafted imagery that is meant for the walls and albums and this is what professional photography will give you.

Do you edit the images?

During your session, I will likely take around 100-200 photos. This consists of numerous angles of each pose and often very similar images, re-takes due to blinks, focusing on different areas and so on. Using my creative discretion, I only delicately edit the very best images including removing unsightly blemishes, colour correcting, detail enhancing and creative development to create the final photo which is what you will see in your gallery. If you request additional editing, which you may feel is necessary with more skin on show than usual, we can discuss this individually.

how many images will i get?

Images are not included in the session fee and are available to purchase separately. For a maternity session, you will have a minimum of 15 images to choose from when ordering.


You don't need to choose any package when you book your session. Once you've viewed your online gallery you will then need to choose your images and the relevant package (whether it be one of the three collections or digital only) at that time. Payment will be required in full upon ordering your images and you can pay via card or BACS.

do you share images on social media?

With maternity images, due to the sensitive nature of the image, I always wait for you to view your final gallery before discussing those I would like to add to my website or social media pages and ensure you are completely happy with me using those images before doing so.

How long does it take before we can see the photos?

I usually say between 4-6 weeks however at busier or quieter times this could be more or less and I will aim to keep you updated on this.

How do I access the photos?

You will be sent an email giving access to an online, password protected gallery where you can view, share and order your images and any products too.

how will i choose from all the images you've sent me?

You don't have to choose! My pricing has been created in a way that you get the very best savings when you purchase all of your images. I have added the option to add all your images to each of my packages to ensure the value is retained and you get to receive some beautiful prints and artwork too. I also offer a lot of images within your gallery so that when purchasing all images you get a lot of value from your investment.

If we order wall art or prints, how long will my order take?

This all depends on the specific products ordered and individual timescales however I would generally say between 2 - 6 weeks and your order will be fulfilled. All can be discussed further at your viewing appointment and I will keep you updated along the way too.

how do we receive our order?

The price of my products includes delivery, this could be in the post for smaller orders or we may hand deliver larger orders to prevent any damage to the pieces and you are also welcome to collect your order by appointment. All will be discussed with you individually upon ordering.




The Session

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Prints & Products

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