The Mama Bear behind the camera

Hello! I’m Ali. I'm a very proud mother of two gorgeous boys who are the inspiration and driving force behind my photography business and I'm very lucky to be married to my soul-mate who is the other half of everything I do.

I started my photography journey as a wedding and lifestyle family photographer 8 years ago, before taking a couple of year's break where I got married and had my boys. Now I run my own maternity, newborn, child and family photography studio in a purpose-built studio in our garden in Branston, Lincoln and I love it!

The studio is my little log cabin haven where I can connect and relax with families and Mums-to-be, make memories and have fun with children and capture details to create beautiful images of newborns.

My family

There is a particular line in the song 'Hourglass' that really resonates with me when it comes to my children and my passion for photography...

see the sand in my grasp, from the first to the last, every grain becomes a memory of the past

It just makes me think about how fast life passes by and as soon as something happens it is instantly a memory and you can choose to let that memory fade or to capture it. Of course, this is coming from someone who has their iPhone in their hand constantly in case one of my children does something funny/holds their hand a cute way/falls over but, it still serves to remind me how valuable photography is and why it is so important to not only take all the photos you can of your children but to invest in photography and products that will become an heirloom and passed down through the generations.

My Dad would always take photos and home videos of my brother, sister and I when we were younger and, being the first-born, I'm so lucky to have loads of old-school, peel and stick albums from when I was born until I was about 12 years old full of childhood memories which I have always loved looking back through every few years. This is why I love photography as much as I do. One of my favourite things is to create images families love now, that capture this moment in time, but also that generations to come will treasure too and that the children, and children's children, of the newborns that I photograph will hold so dear. 

If you are interested in how I got started as a photographer, please visit my blog!

Family Photography in Lincoln by Mama Bear Photography.
Family Photography in Lincoln by Mama Bear Photography.

fun facts about mama bear

  • I can do the full 'You're Welcome' rap from Moana (better than Maui)
  • I was once on The Weakest Link, didn't get to meet Anne though
  • I've always been obsessed with Disney...
  • ...but I still didn't go to DisneyWorld till I was 19
  • I am an Aunty to two of the most gorgeous and funny kids on the planet
  • I got married in Orlando, there were 13 guests, 2 photographers & 2 videographers and we had our 'reception' at Disney World
  • I was one of only two people in my year to get a First degree at Uni
  • The first wedding I ever photographed was published on the country's biggest wedding blog - Rock n Roll Bride
  • I met my husband at school aged 16 and we've been together ever since
  • I love all things glittery and sparkly, especially gold and unicorns
  • My favourite TV show of all time is Game of Thrones
  • My favourite board game is Monopoly, I'm such a bad loser though
  • My maiden name was Lovegrove - I miss it every day
  • I was born on Valentine's Day so have always adored lovey dovey stuff
  • I once dyed my blonde hair pink for Breast Cancer Care and raised £500
  • We named our first son after Han Solo from Star Wars
  • We named our second son Orlando because it is the best place in the world